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cosmetology clinic services

spring 2020

*starting prices each chemical is $5.00 extra per application.
clinic servicesprice 
Shampoo & Set or Blow Dry (Basic) or Plain Wrap$4.50
comb-out with iron$3.00
shampoo/set/blow dry$4.50
neck line or bang trim only$2.50
perm wave$30.00Includes Shampoo/Set & haircut & Conditioner. each chemical is $5.00 extra per application.
relaxer$25.00*Includes Shampoo/Set & Conditioner. Design sets are $5.00 extra.
Demi-Permanent Color & Shampoo/Set$15.00*
Permanent Color (Retouch) & Shampoo/Set$15.00*
Virgin Bleach & Shampoo/Set$30.00*
Frosting, Toner & Shampoo/Set$30.00
wax zip$3.00
brow arch tweeze$2.00
manicure$4.50hot oil manicure .50 cent extra
design set (anything other than basic or plain wrap)$10.00long hair will be charged extra, depending on length. check with instructor for price.
beard/mustache trim$2.50
deep conditioner$5.00
Soft Curl & Spiral perm wave$40.00*Includes Shampoo/Set, haircut & Conditioner. each chemical is $5.00 extra per application. Design sets are anything other then Shampoo/Set or Blow Dry and are $5.00 extra.
relaxer retouch$20.00Includes Shampoo/Set & Conditioner
Semi-Permanent Color & Shampoo/Set$12.00*
Permanent Color (Virgin) & Shampoo/Set$20.00*
Bleach Retouch & Shampoo/Set$20.00*
Foiling/Weaving & Shampoo/Set$30.00*